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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Posted Jun 20, 2018




    LOLSC is a member of the SE District of the CT Junior Soccer Association. We are very pleased to offer a well balanced competitive travel soccer program. The LOLSC takes pride in its efforts to provide the children of Lyme and Old Lyme with a quality program that provides for an enjoyable soccer experience and the opportunity for each player to reach their own potential.

    Our club is run by parent volunteers who are coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, referee coordinators, field coordinators, uniform managers and LOLSC Directors. All parents are encouraged to volunteer (no soccer experience necessary). Please contact a member of the Board to see how you can help your child's socce
    r club


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    LOLSC Meetings are typically held on the 3rd Monday, every other month.

    Please review the information we have provided to our Coaches and complete the Mandatory trainings, thank you!
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    Important Resources for Coaches, Assitant Coaches and Managers:

    Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager Guide




    August 28th at 6 PM - SECJSA Game Scheduling Meeting - Montville High School Cafeteria, 800 Old Colchester Rd, Oakdale

    COACH TRAINING - there will be THREE trainings this Fall with the LOLSC Director of Coaching, Steve Hallahan & UKIS Coach James Johnston


    UKIS 2019 Coaching Curriculum
    Fall 2019 Training Schedule
    Soccer Skills Evaluations

    Every year in June, the LOLSC offers a SOCCER SKILLS EVALUATION Day.

    Held in June at Town Woods Park
    For many clubs, one of the biggest and most political problems they face is player evaluations. The LOLSC philosophy is that every young player will ultimately succeed and reach their maximum potential if they are allowed to proceed at their own pace within a supportive environment. For many players, Soccer Skills Evaluations bring about a lot of pressure and they fear they will fail to perform or give true reflection of their ability. LOLSC prefers to see the focus of your evaluations as a day to assess skills. The evaluation process is truly one of the best around because it recognizes players' strengths and weaknesses and allows assessors to create a personalized plan and recommendations for each player to reach his or her fullest potential.

    The evaluation process is designed to evaluate the entire soccer player in all aspects of the game. It highlights players strengths in certain area's of the game and also areas for improvement. It is the aim of LOLSC to develop the entire player, not to mold a player to become pigeon holed in one position. Youth soccer is entirely about the development of the whole soccer player and they will therefore play a number of positions throughout their early years in the game. This is done so that the players can become comfortable on the field of play, and develop the specific tactical and technical skills required to play in all positions. The evaluation process aims to view players in all positions to evaluate them as complete soccer players, and not just attackers, midfielders or defenders.

    Success in soccer is not monitored over 1 season. It is monitored throughout a child's entire development. If a child enjoys having a ball at their feet and they are eager to learn, that is the key to their development, no matter what level they play at. Players develop at different rates, and therefore, the abilities of players continue to vary over time. Eventually, if a player has focused on the key areas of their game, and has not relied on one or two strengths throughout their youth, then this will be evident when the plateau of abilities occurs.Development is key in order to improve as a soccer player. Good players never rely on their strengths where they lie now, but rather they are constantly looking at ways their game can develop. If a player does this, then eventually they will gain success. Whether that success is playing in a World Cup final for their country, or playing for an A team in their town.

    Success takes time, and young soccer players have this time on their side.
    Some of the preceding information was originally submitted to LOLSC by Tom Butler

    CLICK HERE for the rules of indoor soccer at WWIS


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